• Afric Xpress

    The Afric Xpress mWallet, branded txtNpay, enables consumers in Ghana to shop, top-up phone accounts, transfer funds and pay bills using their cell phones. There are currently 7 million wireless phones being used in Ghana. As Ghana continues to embrace mCommerce technology, the Afric Xpress and PayCash partnership will extend the txtNpay convenience to provide faster, easier mobile payments for transactions of all sizes throughout the entire region.

  • DHL

    DHL is the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry, specializing in providing innovative and customized solutions from a single source. In order to boost its retail presence in the marketplace, DHL teamed up with PayCash and subsequently, rolled out the DHL Shipping Spot kiosk, currently in use at thousands of Walgreens and OfficeMax locations nationwide. Powered by PayCash, the DHL Shipping Spot brings an unprecedented level of convenience and accessibility to small businesses and consumers. The kiosk user-friendly interface within the DHL Shipping Spots feature intuitive screen prompts which help retail associates quickly prepare a customer shipment. After the associate selects the destination, weighs the package, attaches the label and collects payment, the package is secured and available for DHL pick up.

  • Fidelity Express

    Fidelity Express is a leading provider of point of sale financial services through over 5000 retail outlets throughout the U.S. Fidelity Mobile XPressPay, powered by PayCash, enables consumers to pay bills using their cell phones or other mobile devices. Fidelity XPressPay will also include a stored value card and electronic "wallet" account that will be tied to the cell phone so that bills can be paid from pre-loaded funds on the account. Customers can load funds to their accounts at any one of the Fidelity XPressPay or PayCash funding locations.
    Fidelity Express

  • CheckFree (Fiserv, Inc.)

    Formally CheckFree Corporation, Fiserv, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, provides information management and electronic commerce systems and services to the financial and insurance industries. Leading services include transaction processing, outsourcing, electronic bill payment and presentment, investment management solutions, business process outsourcing (BPO), software and systems solutions. Headquartered in Brookfield, Wis., the company serves more than 21,000 clients worldwide and is the leading provider of core processing solutions for U.S. banks, credit unions and thrifts.

  • Global Express

    Global Express is one of the largest and most experienced walk-in bill payment companies in the United States. They have years of experience in creating REAL TIME walk-in bill payment programs that provide a tailor made solution for their customers.  Known for their use of cutting edge technology with their walk-in payment solutions, Global Express has partnered with PayCash to provide their customers with a system to pay bills using their cell phones or other mobile devices.

  • Global Tech S.A.

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  • MoneyGram

    MoneyGram International, Inc. is a leading global payment services company and S&P MidCap 400 company. The company's major products and services include global money transfers, money orders and payment processing solutions for financial institutions and retail customers. Since 2006, PayCash's partnership with MoneyGram enables PayCash customers the option of funding their PayCash accounts at any one of MoneyGram's 89,000 locations.

  • MultiPhone

    MultiPhone Group is a set of companies in the telecommunications sector providing national and international long distance phone services in the USA, Venezuela, España, México, Colombia and El Salvador.  MultiPhone has partnered with PayCash to enable cash-based loading of prepaid long distance services to PayCash and affiliate mWallet subscribers through their cell phones.

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M2Commerce prides itself on building strong alliances with other market leaders. Working closely with a select community of MNOs, financial service providers and systems integrators, we develop and deliver world-class solutions to our mutual customers. Our alliance with strategic partners ensures a joint commitment from both M2Commerce and our partners. If you are interesting in joining the PayCash Mobile community, please email info@merc2tech.com