Cyphermint Introduces PayCash Remote 2.0

August 25, 2005, Marlborough, Massachusetts — Cyphermint, Inc., a leading provider of global electronic payment, integration and eCommerce infrastructure solutions, announced today the release of PayCash™ Remote 2.0.


The PayCash Remote Monitoring and Management System is a highly secure, highly scalable software product that provides online status of all network clients and their peripheral devices for Windows based network. The monitoring system includes problem alert notification, usage statistics, reports and other customizable usability features for a variety of peripherals via a user-friendly interface.


The PayCash Remote Monitoring System enables real-time reporting, statistics and remote trouble-shooting capabilities for kiosks, POS terminals, PCs, servers and other similar networked devices.


PayCash Remote can be implemented separately, fully integrated with PayCash software for enhanced functionality or implemented with software from other providers. This management and monitoring software is designed to provide secure network administration, monitoring, reporting and operation status on hardware running in a Windows environment.


PayCash Remote 2.0 uses PayCash's inherent 1024-bit encryption to securely monitor and update ATM networks, POS systems and self-service kiosks or stand alone devices remotely.


Some of the key features and benefits of the PayCash Remote System:

  • Problem alert notification in the event of kiosk failure
  • Peripheral usability for printers, scanners, card readers, etc.
  • Remote re-boot and re-start
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Secure content distribution for updates and patches
  • Ad management rules engine
  • Online real-time reporting and statistics

"PayCash Remote 2.0 provides PayCash security, scalability and is ideal for virtually any size network requiring management of the peripherals," stated Joe Barboza, President and CEO of Cyphermint. "PayCash Remote can be customized, modified and integrated to fit the company’s needs."


Cyphermint is a certified business partner of IBM.


For more information on Cyphermint or PayCash Mobile, contact Joe Barboza, at 508-787-4810 or by email at or visit PayCash Mobile at