PayCashMobile Introduces the PayCash NOW Visa Debit Card

This Prepaid Card Will Provide Universal Access for the Unbanked Consumer to Securely Purchase Goods and Services.


January 24, 2005, Marlborough, Massachusetts - PayCashMobile, Inc., a leading provider of secure electronic payment solutions, announced the introduction of the PayCash NOW™ Visa® Card, a prepaid payment card that provides consumers without traditional banking relationships a flexible and secure cashless payment option.


Issued by BANKFIRST, the PayCash NOW Visa Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted - at millions of brick-and-mortar and online merchants worldwide. The PayCash NOW Card also provides access to funds through the Visa®/Cirrus® ATM networks.


Traditionally, consumers without credit cards have not been able to shop on the Internet. These "unbanked" consumers have also had difficulty booking hotels and purchasing airline tickets. PayCashMobile's PayCash NOW Card helps these consumers open new doors to easily and securely access and pay for goods and services where they have been previously unable.



This innovative card will also provide unbanked and underbanked consumers with enhanced ATM capabilities, including PIN security (personal identification number), as well as the option for direct payroll deposit.


The PayCash NOW Card does not require a bank account, security deposit or credit check and can be funded and reloaded at thousands of walk-in bill-pay locations across the country. The card can be used as a money-management tool for any budget-conscious consumer who would like to keep their spending in check, as the cardholder can only spend up to the amount loaded onto the card.