PayCashMobile Introduces Complete Suite of Integrated Solutions for Retailers

January 17, 2005, Marlborough, Massachusetts - PayCashMobile, a leading provider of global electronic payment, integration and eCommerce infrastructure solutions, is pleased to announce that is now offering a complete suite of fully integrated financial service products for retailers.


The PayCash suite of products provides retailers secure financial solutions for self-serve and full service applications.


The PayCash OneStop™, a 24-hour self-serve financial center kiosk with web and ATM capabilities, is designed to enable self-sufficient consumers to securely pay bills with cash, credit or debit cards. The OneStop Kiosk, installed in a retail location, can reduce lines at the register as well as increase staff productivity by automating customer service tasks and providing financial services such as bill payment, check cashing, money orders, and eCommerce. Merchants can market in-house promotions, via advertising and couponing on the OneStop, and offer expanded products and services with affiliated partners, increasing sales opportunities without the cost of inventory.


The PayCash POS System is a fully customizable touch screen solution for retailers that can simplify complex processes and capabilities such as, product scanning, inventory look up, tracking, automatic pricing and price changes including discounts, cash reconciliation, employee time tracking, reporting and much more.


The PayCash Remote Monitoring and Management System is a network monitoring system that provides online status of all client kiosks via a user-friendly interface. The monitoring system includes problem alert notification and customizable usability features for a variety of peripherals. The Management system provides remote capabilities such as re-boot and re-start, automatic shutdown, and content distribution management.


All three solutions can be implemented separately, fully integrated for enhanced functionality or implemented with software from other providers. All PayCash software is designed to provide highly scalable, highly secure operation on hardware running in a Windows environment. PayCashMobile is a certified business partner of IBM.


"Our suite of secure, scalable financial solutions for retailers covers it all from clicks to bricks from self-serve to full-service retail applications for small or large organizations" said Joe Barboza, President and CEO of PayCashMobile. "Each solution we offer is custom designed to meet the retailers needs."


When combining the PayCash OneStop, the PayCash POS System and the Remote Monitoring System, the eCommerce circle is a complete allowing retailers to increase inventory, productivity, and accomplish quick ROI in a small footprint fixture.