PayCash Implements osCommerce Module

November 10, 2004, Marlborough, Massachusetts-PayCashMobile Inc., announced today that it has implemented an osCommerce module to its PayCash™ Internet Payment System to enable rapid payments for online merchants.


The PayCash module for osCommerce enables any existing osCommerce installation (UNIX/Linux or Windows) to process PayCash payments quickly. Once a merchant signs up for an account, PayCash payments can be enabled in minutes. The module is implemented using the PayCash Payment Gateway; however, the consumer never has a perception of leaving the merchant's osCommerce site during the payment process. The PayCash module applies security features that not only make it impossible for hackers to spoof the merchant with bogus orders but also prevent man-in-the-middle attacks where a consumer attempts to defraud a merchant by altering order information.


PayCashMobile's PayCash System provides the most secure Internet payment system for B2B and B2C eCommerce. PayCash allows users to conduct eCommerce transactions over the Internet and handles payments ranging from micro-payments to multimillion-dollar transactions. For merchants, the PayCash System provides immediate clearing of payments without the risk of chargebacks or fraud and maintains security and anonymity between parties.


The PayCash Payment Gateway offers 1,024-bit encryption, does not require an investment in hardware or software, and easily integrates into existing eCommerce payment structures. PayCash also eliminates chargebacks and is ideal for virtually any size merchant.


"Our osCommerce module will allow merchants to customize their storefronts very inexpensively and quickly," said Michael Motta, VP of Engineering at PayCashMobile. "And with the added benefit of PayCash security, merchants can process payments without the risk of chargebacks or fraud".