PayCashMobile Introduces New Payment Gateway

August 17, 2004, Marlborough, Massachusetts - PayCashMobile introduces the "PayCash™ System Payment Gateway", a new easy to install electronic payment solution for the online merchant that wants to accept cash payments and attract the un-banked customer. This innovative payment gateway, utilizing PayCash System technology, will enable merchants to integrate PayCash System on their eCommerce website quickly and effortlessly. In a matter of hours, online merchants can accept electronic cash transactions securely using the payment gateway. The payment gateway information is available for download at


The PayCashMobile Payment Gateway provides an easy-to-use merchant payment solution over the Internet. The PayCash System Payment Gateway offers 1,024-bit encryption, does not require an investment in hardware or software, and easily integrates into existing eCommerce payment structures. The PayCashMobile PayCash System provides the most complete Internet payment system for B2B and B2C eCommerce and is designed to fight the high incident of fraud and identity theft.


"Our Payment Gateway provides PayCash System security, eliminates charge backs and is ideal for virtually any size merchant. The payment gateway handles cash payments ranging from micro-payments to multimillion-dollar transactions," said Joseph Barboza, President and CEO of PayCashMobile. "Merchants using our PayCash System can now get all our security and sell to consumers without a bank account, simply and quickly".


PayCashMobile provides the industry's most secure global electronic cash payment and eCommerce infrastructure solutions on the market. Our global solutions focus on kiosks, Internet cash payment, and next-generation stored value cards. The heart of PayCashMobile's solutions is the PayCashMobile PayCash System. The PayCash System provides unparalleled security and anonymity between parties as well as lower transaction costs. Most important, PayCashMobile's PayCash System provides immediate clearing of payments without the risk of chargebacks or fraud and substantially reduces the cost of doing business, therefore increasing the Return on Investment (ROI).