PCM Cloud

The PCM technology enables banked, underbanked and unbanked users worldwide to transact bill payment, mobile banking, person-to-person transfers, retail payments and mobile commerce transactions using their mobile phones or online via Web access. PCM is designed to facilitate the integration of credit, debit, stored value cards and bank accounts for funding of mobile payments as well as to support mobile banking, bill payment, mCommerce, phone top-ups and other payment-related services.

PCM operates as a cloud-based service and is offered to partners under two basic configurations:


PCM SaaS (Software as a Service)

Under this model M2Commerce provides the partner with access to the core PCM functions, around which the partner, with our assistance if required, builds their ‘ecosystem’. This could include Web and mobile app user interfaces tailored to the partner’s markets, interfaces to local payment gateways, banks, e-bill payment providers, MNOs, mobile advertisers, etc.


PCM PaaS (Platform as a Service)

When a partner subscribes to the PCM PaaS offering they have immediate access to a turnkey full-function mobile payments solution including a suite of Web and mobile front-ends, and can route their customers’ transactions via existing M2Commerce interfaces to payment processors, financial institutions and similar key providers on the network.


Under either model in order to provide a consistent user experience the consumer front-ends can be delivered on a private label basis, presenting the partner’s branding and ‘look & feel’ to their customers.

  • PCM can be positioned for both developed and emerging markets
  • And can be configured to link to cash, credit, debit, stored value card or bank accounts for depositing, withdrawing and transferring funds
  • PCM functions independently of carrier, network, mobile phone manufacturer, operating system and works across carriers and networks
  • Access can be via any mobile device, on the Web and by links to eCommerce and online banking sites
  • Real-time transactions and instant transfers
  • Highly secure, highly scalable
  • Multi-lingual and multi currency - capable of providing a global solution
  • User interfaces that provide straight-forward information input & access methods
  • "One-Click" requests (e.g. account balance and purchase confirmation)
  • Personalized shopping, bill payment, p2p money transfers, and payments for goods and services
  • E-Coupons and merchant discounts on transaction receipts
  • Retailer promotional mobile alerts
  • Secure proprietary encrypted transaction processing & routing
  • Merchants, consumers and partners are already equipped to use the PCM features - no additional hardware to purchase

Unlike many other solutions available in the mobile application market today, PCM is easy-to-use, real-time, and also highly secure.

The PCM "One Click 2 Pay" menu is designed to provide ease of use for mobile phone users, plus enable financial services providers and retailers to deliver a personalized and integrated consumer experience across a range of mobile devices on the market, all while protecting customers’ confidential data.

Users can also schedule mobile alert notifications - e.g. when a payment is due - and, with a single click, pay the bill and receive confirmation without entering any unsecured credit card or bank information on their mobile phone.