PayCash Kiosk Systems provide self-service solutions to clients enabling full integration of informational and transactional kiosk networks and also set up existing kiosk networks with eCommerce and monitoring capabilities. PayCash’s core technology, The PayCash™ System, provides clients with complete turnkey kiosk solutions with particular emphasis on:

  • Kiosk User Interface
  • Kiosk Monitoring, Management and Reporting
  • Kiosk Hardware and Peripheral Device Integration
  • Secure Integration to Backend Applications

The PayCash software platform provides a specialized and secure touch screen for the user to navigate and interact with the kiosk, delivering an enjoyable experience.

  • Provides a sequential and logical screen navigation
  • Incorporates rich and engaging graphics and multimedia elements
  • Serves as a platform for company branding and messaging
  • Provides kiosk feedback and error recovery
  • This demo shows a brief example of the kiosk PayCash Mobile developed for AAA. Open the Demo in New Window
  • This demo shows a brief example of the Kioskmetics cosmetics kiosk developed by PayCash Mobile. Open the Demo in New Window
  • This demo collects examples of the different capabilties and interface designs of our kiosk products. Open the Demo in New Window

The Remote Monitoring and Management System is a secure network system that provides online status of client peripheral devices via a user-friendly interface.

Monitoring System

  • Problem alert notification
  • Customizable features for a variety of peripherals

Management System

  • Remote shutdown
  • Re-boot and re-start
  • Content distribution Management
  • Allows for the administration and grouping of kiosks

Remote Monitoring

  • Real-time reporting, statistics and troubleshooting
  • Ability to view system network and isolate individual kiosk status

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