PayCash Mobile, LLC (PCM) (previously Cyphermint, Inc.) a privately owned Delaware corporation, headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, is a software development company focused on providing highly secure and highly scalable payment solutions via the company’s “PayCash” product. Over the past few years, PCM has become a leading developer of both transactional and informational kiosks; delivering web-enabled self-service systems for merchants who want to enhance their retail reach, generate return on investment and improve their existing processes.

PCM has developed a patented payment platform that is hardware and carrier agnostic. The technology is designed to operate on the Internet, self-service kiosks/ATMs, and mobile devices. This approach provides the merchants with a 3 screen solution to extend their customer reach developing behavioral profiles of the consumers purchasing, shopping and searching interests enabling focused marketing programs that result in higher success rates for each marketing dollar spent.

PayCash is SaaS that provides banked and un-banked consumers access to a low cost, secure and easy to use method to shop, pay their bills, top-up accounts and transfer funds with or without a bank account or credit card.

  • PayCash Mobile
    Enables banked and un-banked mobile phone users worldwide to conduct bill payment, mobile banking, person-to-person transfers and retail payments with their cell phones.
  • Kiosk Solutions
    PCM’s kiosk software systems provide secure end-to-end integration and monitoring of kiosk systems.
  • Internet Payment System
    PCM’s PayCash Internet Payment System is a three component payment platform, designed to be highly scaleable and highly secure.